love is a verb

have you ever thought of having that one special person that will love you with his/her whole heart without doubting the love that you can give that person in return?
or have you ever felt like it’s the first time you fell inlove but honestly it’s not?
or do you wake up each morning feeling like you want to spend your whole life with the person no matter how hard it is, and no matter how people will not understand why?

love is a very complicated word, it should be expressed, it should be shown, it should be shared. loving someone is not easy, it takes a lot of courage, it takes a lot of effort, and it takes a lot of actions.

Love for me is Sacrificing, Love for me is Forgiving, Love for me is being Selfless, and Love makes everybody Happy.

i never imagined i could say all this again, and believe me i thought i will never feel loved, be loved. i thought i will never love someone this much. but i guess, UNEXPECTED LOVE, it’s the best!

peace and love


12 years and so forth..

it was never easy to find someone who will understand, accept, be silly, laugh with you, cry with you and be with you through good times and bad, believe me i know, i’ve been looking for that one person for a long time already.

i know im only 27 years old, i still have a long time to find that one special person that i will spend my whole life with, i dont have to rush. but God is very good to me, he blessed me with this unexpected gift.

turned 2 months just recently, maintaining a relationship is not easy, especially if you two are far from each other for sure it’s going to be one hell of a crazy rollercoaster ride, but what the hell? everything is not easy in this world. we have our down days, but most of the time we’re happy, we laugh a lot, we share a lot of things, we sing together, we sleep ng sabay (over skype), all in all it’s an awesome feeling having someone who you know will love you and understand you, and take care of you, and will not hurt you.

🙂 oh well, just updating you with my personal life. ❤


minsan ng umibig at nasaktan
minsan ng umaasa na masusuklian
pagibig na alay laging nasasayang
bakit ganun? saan nagkulang?

matagal ng nagaantay sa isang katulad mo
magbubukas muli sa aking puso
umaasang sa pagkakataong ito
pagibig na laan ay hindi masasayang


mundong dati’y madilim
ngayo’y nagkakulay
ngiti sa pisngi iyong naibalik
takot man magmahal ito’y isusugal
mahal kita, ikaw lang wala ng iba

*wrote this for someone so special to me. 🙂 i just thought of sharing it, cos my heart is in it’s happy mode. it will be in the happy mode FOREVER.


finding light after a total darkness

i have been in the dark for so long. i dont know why i was stuck there. maybe i was waiting for someone to save me, and im fortunate enough that someone did.

who says it’s easy to let go of things, or people? it was never easy. it’s as hard as a 4th year math exam. but when the time comes that you have to pass your papers even if you haven’t answered that equation properly you have to give it up. i don’t give up that easily, if i can still push myself then i will, but i was at this point that everything is so grey, no it’s not even grey, it’s super dark that you can’t see a thing. i was at a point that i gave it all that i don’t love myself anymore, i dont respect myself.

things changed when one morning i realized that i can be ME again, i can live the life that i have been dreaming of, be happy, be contented, be complete. i have to let go of the things that is holding me back. 🙂

everything follows after that. God answered my prayers at the right time. now i can say that i feel complete, contented with the life i’ve been wanting for, for so long.

peace and love,