12 years and so forth..

it was never easy to find someone who will understand, accept, be silly, laugh with you, cry with you and be with you through good times and bad, believe me i know, i’ve been looking for that one person for a long time already.

i know im only 27 years old, i still have a long time to find that one special person that i will spend my whole life with, i dont have to rush. but God is very good to me, he blessed me with this unexpected gift.

turned 2 months just recently, maintaining a relationship is not easy, especially if you two are far from each other for sure it’s going to be one hell of a crazy rollercoaster ride, but what the hell? everything is not easy in this world. we have our down days, but most of the time we’re happy, we laugh a lot, we share a lot of things, we sing together, we sleep ng sabay (over skype), all in all it’s an awesome feeling having someone who you know will love you and understand you, and take care of you, and will not hurt you.

🙂 oh well, just updating you with my personal life. ❤


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