finding light after a total darkness

i have been in the dark for so long. i dont know why i was stuck there. maybe i was waiting for someone to save me, and im fortunate enough that someone did.

who says it’s easy to let go of things, or people? it was never easy. it’s as hard as a 4th year math exam. but when the time comes that you have to pass your papers even if you haven’t answered that equation properly you have to give it up. i don’t give up that easily, if i can still push myself then i will, but i was at this point that everything is so grey, no it’s not even grey, it’s super dark that you can’t see a thing. i was at a point that i gave it all that i don’t love myself anymore, i dont respect myself.

things changed when one morning i realized that i can be ME again, i can live the life that i have been dreaming of, be happy, be contented, be complete. i have to let go of the things that is holding me back. 🙂

everything follows after that. God answered my prayers at the right time. now i can say that i feel complete, contented with the life i’ve been wanting for, for so long.

peace and love,


attempting to write again. (for the nth)

i have been trying my hardest to maintain at least one active blog site for me to share what i’ve been up to for the last months but unfortunately my lazy little hands are not that sipag enough to write something. anyways ya, im here again attempting to write again, hopefully i can maintain this one, im positive that i can! haha.

so yeah time to sleep will start blogging later. 🙂

peace and love, nica